Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 4.21.10 PMI am invested in using traditional print and digital media to produce accessible texts that generate awareness about the social, scholarly, and political value of clients’ work.

I have over ten years of experience writing, editing, coordinating events, and overseeing social media for university departments, humanities centers, magazines, film makers, and corporate and non-profit organizations. I am invested in using my skills for public outreach that promotes the preservation of the arts and humanities, that raises awareness about the economic and social value of education, and that builds and maintains effective networks among community stakeholders. My work with such varied groups as Wonders & Marvels,  RPWC, and The Curated Object  provides evidence of my ability to use hardcopy and digital media effectively to attract multiple audiences in ways that result in successful text production, author marketing, and journal subscription increases.

Parties interested in schedule availability and pricing should contact me.

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